Bear With Head Stuck In Jar Struggled For Oxygen While Trying To Stay Afloat

When Tricia Hurt and her family were out on their boat in the middle of Marshmiller Lake in Wisconsin, they never expected to end up saving a life.

The Hurt family was fishing when all of a sudden they discovered a bear cub in the lake with a plastic bin that was stuck over his head.

He was struggling to get it off as he treaded water, but was unable to. The family knew they had to help him or he would either drown or starve to death.

They cautiously approached the bear on their boat and tried to take the bin off of him as he struggled for oxygen while continuing to swim around blindly.

They were finally able to get the bin off, and the relieved bear made his way to the shore to safety before running off.

The family captured the rescue on video and laterΒ which quickly went viral.

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